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Your trusted partner for VAT issues

VAT is a complex indirect tax system with complicated regulations and compliance procedures. Obviously, wou want to ensure total VAT compliance in every country you do business in. Very often you don’t need to know all the details but just want help in getting the work done. That is where we come in.

Value Added Tax

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Because of our many years of experience and sometimes assisted by colleagues in our international VAT network..

VAT Support

Our strength is our practical hands-on approach, which allows us to operate as a VAT problem solver

Fiscal representation

BTW Partners acts as a general tax representative for non-established entities.

VAT Refund

Recovering the VAT you have paid in a different EU Member State or in another country still is a time consuming activities. Checking the correctness of the charge is the first step, following the time-consuming refund process will be step 2 if necessary.


We will help you with your registration and reporting obligations and can streamline your supply chain

VAT Advise

BTW Partners has the right experience and understanding to solve your VAT issues


Value Added Tax is considered as one of the mist complex taxes. Fortunately you can leave this to us, and you focus on adding value in your business


Meet us

We are an independent, experienced and specialized niche-player that focuses on VAT compliance. We can do this remotely or onsite as your temporary in-house VAT specialist. We understand your challenges and priorities and constantly try to improve your processes and provide you with opportunities.

We started our venture in 2005 and our satisfied customer base has been growing  ever since.

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Welcome to our information./news platform!

The world of VAT is constantly changing.

We monitor all these changes globally to make sure we can help you whenever and where needed. However we also don’t think you are waiting for an information overflow in your mailbox. There are more than sufficient partners who share VAT related news on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and we are sure you will find them. At this spot of our website we will therefore only list information or links that has value for a longer period so you can always go back and easily find it.

VAT is one of the most common and important taxes in the world.    ...