BTW Partners started in 2004.

Our VAT partners worked on all sides of the VAT playing field. As Tax Inspector we learned how to interpret the rules and how Authorities operate. 

As big-4 advisors we helped multinationals, government institutions and non-profit organizations.

As in-house VAT specialists we implemented legislation and advice in the day-to-day practice and learned to solve VAT challenges efficiently and effectively.


(1964) entered the VAT world in 1982 when he joined the Dutch Tax Administration. He then became an indirect tax advisor working in London, Dublin and Amsterdam before he joined a multinational in the service industry.

In 2005 Marc started the Haarlem office of BTW Partners. He is known for his hands-on approach, his international indirect tax expertise and his tax technology skills.


(1965) started in 1990 as a general tax advisor for an international accountancy organization. He specialized in 1992 and worked as a VAT specialist for 2two VAT advisory firms, where he advised multinationals regarding supply chain, trading structures, business transformations and ERP implementations.

Marc is responsible for the BTW Partners office in Breda.